Sunday, February 15, 2009

Baby Dress

Lately I have been working on designing my own baby dresses. With my mom's help we finally came up with a beautiful baby dress!! To make the pattern we used an "old" baby dress that my grandmother (Lita Nona) made for me (33 years ago). We used a technique that my great-grandmother (Mercedes) used in her dresses (without the side seams)...
I absolutely love it!!

Well, I am also working on my etsy store, so I will keep you updated with that too.

Hope you all have a Happy Week!


  1. So beautiful!!
    I have you in mind for the next baby dear to my will be the designer!

  2. Love this shiny and sweet baby dress!! I like the embroidery work on it!!

  3. Thanks a bunch. I am working on some others... :)