Sunday, March 22, 2009

The SKIRT...

A friend at work brought a patchwork skirt a couple of weeks ago, which she had done herself (mainly in the serger)... she said the trick was to multiply the amount of squares by 1.5 for each layer... well, it was easier said than done...

I started doing the numbers (8, 12, 18, 27, and 4o). Even when that last number gave me the chills, I decided to do it!

Once you start, its quite easy...

I made a "smaller" version of that skirt for one very special girl. This is for Natalia and I will be delivering it personally this week - and I cant wait!!

Check out how cute it turned out!! I think its adorable!!

I will get pictures when she actually wears it... I was too excited and needed to share right away :)

Have a fun week...


  1. Super cute Keila!
    Guess what?...I'm taking sewing classes with a friend!! I like it. I made pillows off course!
    Let's see how it goes!